This kit is essential for the home or for recreational activities - with these contents you can confidently approach first aid emergencies.


2 X Conforming Bandage
1 X Medium Crepe Bandage
1 X Triangular Bandage Calico
1 X Thermal Blanket
3 X Gauze Swabs
1 X Hypo-Allergenic Tape
1 X Wound Dressing No.13
1 X Eye Pad - Individual
3 X Non Adherent Dressings
5 X Disposable Splinter Probes
1 X Forceps, Small
1 X First Aid Book
3 X Saline 15ml
10 X Antiseptic Wipes 
2 X Gloves
4 X Antiseptic Itch and Cream Relief Sachets
2 X Burn Gel Sachets
10 X Plastic Dressing Strips
25 X Fabric Dressing Strips
1 X CPR Face Shield

** Bonus Items includes 1 X Trauma Shears

*This kit is packed to Australian Standards under ARTG ID: 142658. Contents may vary slightly over time. The most correct listing is with each product. Please call for details.




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