The FAMS - ABC kit set is the base module of the FAMS suite.

All 3 modules A,B & C are sold as 1 unit.



  • First response to time critical life threats such as snake/spider bite, severe heat inury, severe bleeding, hypothermia and CPR. 
  • Lightweight, waterproof and easy to use




Bite / Bleed Module

2 X High Compression Bandage

2 X Wound Pad

1 X Triangle Bandage


Shock / Exposure Module

1 X Heat Pack 1 X Cold Pack

1 X Shock Blanket

1 X Light Stick & Cover Tube

1 X Instruction Card

1 X CPR Shield



  • Larger kit for serious injury or major incidents such as large wounds, serious burns, severe bleeding, sprains/strains and broken bones 
  • Top opening medic pouch; easy to use and access in an emergency
  • Multiple carry options (waist bag, molle or backpack mounted)
  • Available in 2 variants - student or adult first aiders (select in options)

Tan color only, not available in black



2 x Burn Gel Dressing

1 x Burn Causualty Sheet

2 x Instant Ice Pack 80g

2 x Heavy Conforming Bandage 

2 x Medium Crepe Bandage 

2 x Wound Dressing #15 

2 x Combine Dressing 10cm 


Included in Adult B Kit ONLY

1 x Splint (flexible foam)

1 x Sports Strapping Tape 38mm



  • Lightweight, easy access kit for everyday use
  • Minor injury, non-urgent and basic wound care such as blisters, splinters, minor burns and bites and stings



1x Aeroaid Spray 50ml 

1 x Dencorub 100g Tube

1 x Burnaid Gel 25g Tube

1 x Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm 

2 x 10x10cm Blister Foam

2 x Adhesive Plasters (25 Pack)

1 x Continuous Adhesive Plaster 

1 x Microporous Paper Tape 

10 x Povidone Iodine Swabs 

5 x Alcohol Wipes (2 pack) 

3 x Gauze Swabs

10 x Low Adherent Dressing 

4 x Conforming Bandage 

5 x Pair of Gloves 

1 x Eye Bath 

1 x Trauma Shears 

1 x Reusable Splinter Probe 

1 x Wound Irrigation Syringe 

1 x Tweezers 

First Aid Modular (FAMS) ABC kit

A Kit Colour
B kit variation


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    Sydney, Australia