DEFIB kit (In yellow hard case) 

Heartsine 500p Defib - The 500P is outstanding in this regard as it provides real-time feed-back while the rescuer is performing chest compressions. It instructs the rescuer to push harder or softer, faster or slower, and when compressions are being done correctly it will say "good compressions". Comes in waterproof hard case to ensure this vital iece of equipment is protected in remoted and rugged envrionments. 



  • 1 x Heartsine 500p Defib
  • 1 x Defib accessories pouch (small towel, surgical razor, face shield in disposable in sachet and scissors) 


Oxygen kit (in backpack)

Designed for extended delay CPR in remote area situations.

Includes first 12 months tank hire - onging cost is $99 per year



  • BVM with oxygen reservoir
  • 2 x therapeutic oxygen mask 
  • 2m of extension hose for providing oxygen when on the move or in tricky terrain 
  • 1 x Regulator 


Optional extras (for back pack kit) 

1 x manual suction device

1 x set of 6 Guedel airways (OPAs) #0-#5



First Aid Modular (FAMS) D kit

Add-on Oxygen kit


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