The Operations 2, or BOM+ kit (Base/Outdoor Module), is an awesome kit for your base, vehicle or camp. The hard-wearing 600 denier nylon bag with YKK zippers measures 30x20x20cm.


This Kit exceeds the requirements for most Work Places as specified in the Code of Practice.

It meets the minimum requirements for ‘Outdoor Work; and ‘Burn Injuries; consider substitution of the Chemical Light Stick with a torch / headlamp – to meet ‘Remote Work’ requirement. 

Available in a combo with lifting sheet + C-Collar, contact us today for details!

1 x Conforming Bandage
3 x Medium Crepe Bandages
2 x Premium Conforming Bandage (snake bite)
4 x Triangular Calico Bandage
2 x Thermal Blanket
4 x Gauze Swabs 3pcs 7.5cm
1 x Micro Paper Tape 2.5cm
1 x Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm
1 x Burn Sheet 75cm x 75cm
4 x Wound Dressing No.15
2 x Combine Dressing 10cm
2 x Combine Dressing 20cm
4 x Eye Pads
2 x Waterproof Dressing Sml
2 x Waterproof Dressing Lge
2 x WP Dressing with Pad Sml (Waterproof Island dressing)
2 x WP Dressing with Pad Lge (Waterproof Island dressing)
2 x Low Adherent Dressing 5x5cm
2 x Low Adherent Dressing 7x10cm
2 x Low Adherent Dressing 10x20cm
2 x Island Dressing 6x8cm
2 x Island Dressing 10x15cm
3 x Amputated Parts Bags Ass
5 x Splinter Probes Disposable
1 x Scissors Pl Handle 9cm
1 x S/S Forceps/ tweezers 7.5cm Steel
1 x Forceps/tweezers 13cm Stainless Steel
6 x Eye Wash Liquid Ampoule 15ml
1 x Eye Bath Plastic Blue
10 x Iodine Swabs (antiseptic)
10 x Alcohol Swabs
6 x pairs Nitrile Glove
12 x Safety Pins
1 x Burnaid Gel 25g Tube
1 x Burnaid Dressing 10x10cm
1 x Rapaid Itch Relief 25g
25 x Plastic Strips
12 x Fabric F/Tip & Knuckle
25 x Fabric Strips
1 x Re-useable CPR Face Mask
10 x Butterfly Closures
1 x Digital Thermometer
1 x Pencil First Aid 85mm
1 x First Aid Booklet A6
2 x Instant Ice Pack 80g

For a Short Time - bundled with

1 x Flex All (Sammy) Splint
1 x Strapping Tape 38mm Rigid
1 x Trauma Shears
1 x Flat Magnifying Glass
1 x Irrigation Syringe
1 x light stick
1 x Whistle
& copyable resource Report Sheet

*This kit is packed to Australian Standards under ARTG ID: 142658. Contents may vary slightly over time. The most correct listing is with each product. Please call for details.




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